A tour round my old flat

My old flat between Brixton and Oval in London was a big milestone for me. I had owned a house in my early twenties but moving to London in 2003 meant I had to go back to renting. For fifteen years. I was really lucky to get a shared-ownership new-build in 2014 and finally be able to call almost half my home, my own.

I’d done as much with the interiors as possible in the rental homes I lived in but now I could properly make my mark. Obviously nothing much needed doing since it was brand new so I focussed on furnishing and accessories.

17390578_10154880844371391_1463834654408663763_o (1)

This Habitat nordic inspired lampshade was the starting point for the scheme. My mum kindly gave me a pair of 70s lamp bases which I’d always loved and these shades were the perfect fit. I picked out the grey, turquoise and orange/coral and began to search for furniture and soft furnishings to match. I’ve created a Pinterest board with the pictures I was pinning at that time here.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 09.04.27

Ikea was my friend when it came to storage. Their Besta range is affordable and fit with the clean lines of the flat, almost matching the kitchen cabinets. The rug came from Habitat and both sofas from


When Matthew moved in he brought a few pieces which fitted nicely, like the coffee table, his vintage record player and the fantastic clock which he’d found on eBay.

It was a great flat, really big for a one bed, but we outgrew it after a while (see too much furniture in the bedroom) so it was time to say thank you and goodbye. Almost everything you see here has made it to the new place so you might see things popping up in future posts.

As well as cookery books I had some of my vintage crockery and glassware on display in the kitchen.
The notice board is a canvas I picked up for free about ten years ago and painted as a ‘Rothko’ for an old bedroom scheme. 
It was NEVER this tidy!
The marquee letters and fake grass were leftover from our wedding in July 2016.

Glitter Teacup Tealight Holders

Last week work held a Christmas Fair and invited all the creative types in the company to take part. I knew publishing was a creative place to work but I was still amazed by all the wonderful things people make time to do.

Glitter teacup candles 1

I took along some of my glitter teacup tealight candle holders. A few years ago I decided to collect vintage and vintage style china. The intention was to hire it out to hen dos, baby showers and weddings which I did a couple of times. Mostly though, it sat in boxes taking up space in my flat.  I’d get it all out now and again and wonder at their beauty before packing them up again. Now that we’re trying to organise our new home I decided it was time to move on and so I turned everything that I had left into tealight holders. I’m a sucker for anything that glitters so it was difficult to put them all up for sale.

Glitter teacups 2014

I did pretty well at the fair but I still have a few left so if you’d like one please get in touch.


Glitter teacup candles

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Making a Christmas Wreath

I love a Christmas wreath and I love a box of Celebrations during the festive period. So I came up with this idea to combine the two.

Celebrations Chistmas wreath

I used one of the large tubs of Celebrations which are usually around a fiver at this time of year. I bought an oasis wreath ring and a roll of thin wire.

I wound a piece of wire about 10cm long around each end of the chocolate. I then bent and slotted that into the oasis. Keep going and building up the chocolates until you can’t see any oasis.

I’m not going to lie, it’s massively time consuming and quite frustrating at times. I think it took me about three evenings to complete. But I was very pleased with the result and managed to resist pulling them off again to eat until at least New Year.



Wire Christmas Tree – a tree for those short on space

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 07.46.46

There’s nothing better than a real Christmas tree. I’ve always managed to squeeze one in wherever I’ve lived in London but last year we were towards the end of outgrowing my one bed flat and I realised it just wasn’t going to work. So I set myself the challenge of making a flat ‘tree’ that I could hang on the  wall.

All it took was a little patience and the ability to bend wire with pliers. I bought a reel of wire for about £5 and unwound a length to get started with. You might want to draw out the shape of the ‘tree’ to use as a guide but I just went freestyle.

When you’ve completed the shape, twist the ends together firmly. You might need to lay it on the floor and manipulate it to get it flat. I then used icicle fairy lights  to wrap around the frame. These were the only lights I had with white wire but I found that it was good to be able to use each frond to layer up lights around each ‘branch’ so would recommend them for this project. I then wrapped a bit of tiny tinsel round and round the frame and clipped on some baubles on with tiny silver pegs.

I noticed this year that John Lewis are doing some wire frame wreaths and stars so that might be my project for 2018!

John Lewis wire wreaths

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Making a Padded Headboard

I’m in love with loaf’s simple padded headboard beds but having bought a new Ikea bed not long ago couldn’t justify the price. In fact, even if I did need a new bed I’m still not sure I could justify it.

Loaf Ruffle bed

Loaf Ruffle Bed

So I thought I’d have a go at making my own and it was surprisingly easy.

Step 1: Take the bed apart and lay on the floor. I bought a piece of foam from the fantastic Southern Foam in Clapham Junction where I’ve bought foam for upholstery projects in the past.

Step 2: Lay the headboard on the foam and draw around it. I decided to take the foam a few centimeters above the top of the headboard and either side so that it would hug the edges when I pulled the fabric tight around it. At this stage you have to think carefully about where your bed frame and mattress will be when the bed is put back together and make sure your foam ends above that line.


Step 3: Cut the foam with a bread knife. Easy!

Step 4: Glue the foam to the headboard. I tried PVA for this and it wasn’t very successful. If I were to do it again I would sand the area of the headboard I was glueing to provide a key and get some stronger glue.

Step 5: Get some batting, I got mine from Fabrics Galore, lay it on the floor and place the headboard with attached foam on top. Pull the batting around the headboard and get out your trusty staple gun and staple away.

Step 6: Stand it up and cross your fingers that it all stays put!

IMG_1684Step 7: Take your chosen fabric – mine is a lovely grey-green velvet, again from Fabrics Galore – and carefully fold it around and staple. Keep the tension as uniform as possible as you work your way round.


And folks, that’s about it.

Bed detail 2