If I won the lottery I’d still make things instead of buying everything new. There’s no more satisfying feeling than making something for a third of the price it would cost new. Or in finding a second hand bargain and feeling a bit smug that you didn’t pay full price and you potentially saved it from landfill.

Making things and having a go myself is just what I’ve always done. There are lots of things I can’t do (plastering, plumbing or electrics for example) but a lot of things I’ll try. In this blog I document things I make, from sewing my clothes to home decorating, upcyling furniture and trying different crafts. I hope I inspire you to have a go too!

Having recently moved in to a 1930s fixer upper a lot of my posts will likely be about renovating a house. Thanks for visiting, I hope you come back!

If you’d like information about working with me please get in touch via the contact page.


I’m a pattern designer, crafter, sewist, painter/decorator, furniture upholsterer, sometime gardener and blogger. I have just launched a range of marbled fabrics and wallpapers on Spoonflower.

From 2012-2014 I wrote a blog called Shoestring Splendour with my friend Katie. We wrote about lovely things you could make and do on a shoestring budget: day trips, recipes, craft, upcycling, make up, interior styling, diy and much more. We were featured in Mollie Makes magazine but decided to give up the blog when various life events took over. (Now Katie is a freelancer book marketeer who writes about promoting yourself on social media as well as her life as a freelancer at Katie Morwenna.)

I continue to make, and share what I’m up to on here and on Instagram. I talk about interiors and sewing on @hannah_is_sewing and on @hannahcowiedesigns I share my marbling patterns and things for sale.

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