Coaching and organisation for a happier life

I’m a firm believer in the old adage a tidy home is a tidy mind. Knowing everything is tidy in my cupboards at home brings me a sense of calm and allows me to focus my energies on my job, relationships and hobbies.

It’s fortunate therefore that I’ve always enjoyed tidying. My cousin remembered recently that when we were children when I went to to visit once or twice a year we would empty out her bedroom cupboards, sort , tidy and organise everything back in until I next came to stay. Bearing in mind I moved to live two miles away so we stopped the tradition aged 10 that shows how far back my love of organisation goes!

In recent years tidying has become popular via Marie Kondo’s Magic Life Changing of Tidying book. I was working at Ebury Publishing when that book came in and was very excited about it. Unfortunately I left before it was published but that didn’t stop me recommending it to everyone I met and trying out her principles for myself.

I’m now training to be a life coach with The Coaching Academy. Coaching can be applied to many different areas of life where someone feels like they need a bit of clarity. Maybe you’re stuck in your career – you want a new challenge but aren’t sure what or find you just can’t get started on projects , perhaps your relationship is in rut or you want to get fit.  A life coach can help with any of these areas and more. It’s not counselling  and it isn’t mentoring – a coach won’t analyse you, give you advice or tell you what to do. I’m offering a service which combines the techniques of coaching with practical decluttering sessions, or we can simply do one or the other.

If you’ d like more information about working with me please get in touch via the contact page.