Our Kitchen Renovation

When we moved in the kitchen was useable (after a good scrub) but very badly laid out. The sink and cooker were immediately adjacent with just one small square of work surface on the left hand side. There was nowhere to stack washing up (and no dishwasher). At the end of the room this large … Continue reading Our Kitchen Renovation

Revamp Your Finances

Another January job that I haven't done for a couple of years is an audit of subscriptions and monthly outgoings. There are some things you can't change, for example your council tax bill or TV licence but a lot of the regular payments you make can be negotiated, swapped or indeed cancelled. Start by making … Continue reading Revamp Your Finances

How to Manage ‘To Do’ lists

Last time I blogged I was thinking about to do lists and New Year Resolutions. I love a list but sometimes it can make me feel like I'm not achieving enough because I set myself unrealistic targets for the day or week. I thought about this a bit more and realised that I usually meet … Continue reading How to Manage ‘To Do’ lists