Make Your Own Marquee Letters

When we got married in 2016 I wanted to make as many of the decorations as possible myself. One of those things was a pair of marquee letters in our initials. To buy in the size I wanted them was just too expensive and logistically too difficult to hire so we decided to have a … Continue reading Make Your Own Marquee Letters

Our Kitchen Renovation

When we moved in the kitchen was useable (after a good scrub) but very badly laid out. The sink and cooker were immediately adjacent with just one small square of work surface on the left hand side. There was nowhere to stack washing up (and no dishwasher). At the end of the room this large … Continue reading Our Kitchen Renovation

Our Flat Renovation – What I’ve Learnt

It's almost a year since we moved into our three bedroom ex-council flat in south east London. We didn't have to move in straight away so I spent last summer sanding, filling and painting every room while it was empty, which was so much easier than moving furniture and dust sheets around. We also managed … Continue reading Our Flat Renovation – What I’ve Learnt

A tour round my old flat

My old flat between Brixton and Oval in London was a big milestone for me. I had owned a house in my early twenties but moving to London in 2003 meant I had to go back to renting. For fifteen years! I was really lucky to get a shared-ownership new-build in 2014 and finally be … Continue reading A tour round my old flat