Don’t Buy It, Make It

If I won the lottery I’d still make things instead of buying everything new. There’s no more satisfying feeling to me than making something for a third of the price it would cost new. Or in finding a second hand bargain and forever feeling smug that you didn’t pay full price and you potentially saved it from landfill.

Making things and having a go myself is just what I’ve always done. There are lots of things I can’t do (plastering, plumbing or electrics for example) but a lot of things I’ll try. In this blog I document things I make, from sewing my clothes to home decorating, upcyling furniture and trying different crafts. I hope I inspire you to have a go too!

Having recently moved in to a 1930s fixer upper a lot of my posts will likely be about renovating a house. Thanks for visiting, I hope you come back!

If you’d like more information about working with me please get in touch via the contact page.