Making a Padded Headboard

I’m in love with loaf’s simple padded headboard beds but having bought a new Ikea bed not long ago couldn’t justify the price. In fact, even if I did need a new bed I’m still not sure I could justify it.

Loaf Ruffle bed

Loaf Ruffle Bed

So I thought I’d have a go at making my own and it was surprisingly easy.

Step 1: Take the bed apart and lay on the floor. I bought a piece of foam from the fantastic Southern Foam in Clapham Junction where I’ve bought foam for upholstery projects in the past.

Step 2: Lay the headboard on the foam and draw around it. I decided to take the foam a few centimeters above the top of the headboard and either side so that it would hug the edges when I pulled the fabric tight around it. At this stage you have to think carefully about where your bed frame and mattress will be when the bed is put back together and make sure your foam ends above that line.


Step 3: Cut the foam with a bread knife. Easy!

Step 4: Glue the foam to the headboard. I tried PVA for this and it wasn’t very successful. If I were to do it again I would sand the area of the headboard I was glueing to provide a key and get some stronger glue.

Step 5: Get some batting, I got mine from Fabrics Galore, lay it on the floor and place the headboard with attached foam on top. Pull the batting around the headboard and get out your trusty staple gun and staple away.

Step 6: Stand it up and cross your fingers that it all stays put!

IMG_1684Step 7: Take your chosen fabric – mine is a lovely grey-green velvet, again from Fabrics Galore – and carefully fold it around and staple. Keep the tension as uniform as possible as you work your way round.


And folks, that’s about it.

Bed detail 2


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