Wire Christmas Tree – a tree for those short on space

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 07.46.46

There’s nothing better than a real Christmas tree. I’ve always managed to squeeze one in wherever I’ve lived in London but last year we were towards the end of outgrowing my one bed flat and I realised it just wasn’t going to work. So I set myself the challenge of making a flat ‘tree’ that I could hang on the  wall.

All it took was a little patience and the ability to bend wire with pliers. I bought a reel of wire for about £5 and unwound a length to get started with. You might want to draw out the shape of the ‘tree’ to use as a guide but I just went freestyle.

When you’ve completed the shape, twist the ends together firmly. You might need to lay it on the floor and manipulate it to get it flat. I then used icicle fairy lights  to wrap around the frame. These were the only lights I had with white wire but I found that it was good to be able to use each frond to layer up lights around each ‘branch’ so would recommend them for this project. I then wrapped a bit of tiny tinsel round and round the frame and clipped on some baubles on with tiny silver pegs.

I noticed this year that John Lewis are doing some wire frame wreaths and stars so that might be my project for 2018!

John Lewis wire wreaths

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