Bathroom Renovation

Before we moved in the bathroom looked like this. *Scream emoji face* It was mouldy, brown and falling apart. The toilet was so narrow that when you sat down you were practically touching each wall with your thighs! Thankfully we were able to have the work done before we moved in. No one wants to be without a bathroom for a week.

A white suite was a given and I wanted the whole effect to be bright and mostly white. It seems improbable but we spent ages deliberating over the floor to eventually chose a boring grey tile. I wanted vinyl because it’s warmer under foot and there are some amazing colours and patterns. Specifically I wanted Harvey Maria’s white sparkle flooring but I couldn’t convince Matthew. He wanted their Tangerine Dream orange but he couldn’t convince me. So we ended up with something less out there and more saleable when we come to move again one day.

I would love to be able to say that we did the work ourselves but it’s way out of our ability range so we got a fantastic builder and his team to do everything except the decorating. I wanted light, bright and clean so after trawling Pinterest for some amazing wallpapered bathrooms I went for white paint. I also toyed with the idea of using acid to make the mirror next to the toilet look antique like this.

But I decided that it wouldn’t really go with the rest of the room or the flat. So the theme was white, clean and bright and I chose dark turquoise and grey towels and bath mat. The great thing with this colour scheme is that if I get fed up of turquoise all I have to do is buy new towels! I think orange or pink would also look great.


It all looked a bit boring to me so I decided to match the woodwork to the grey towels which I feel has really lifted it. I still wonder about painting the wall with the bathroom cabinet on it but will I ever get around to it. Probably not! We added a couple of cheeky pictures and an Ikea trolly and it’s all done.


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