Sew Over It: Emmeline Skirt – A Pattern Review

In my wardrobe I have a white and black patterned button through midi skirt. It was a summer staple last year so when the mini heatwave hit last week I thought it was a chance to get it out again. No such luck. I’ve put on a fair amount of weight since last summer and although I’m working on getting rid of it I’ve a way to go yet. Luckily Sew Over It had recently released their new skirt Emmeline. A button through midi! In my fabric stash I had the perfect black and white leaf patterned viscose which I’d purchased from them when I did my last sewing class (20% off fabrics on the day of your class).

Having recently made a few dresses is it was so quick to sew up. My machine even mostly behaved itself when sewing the button holes. I made a size 16 around the hips grading to a 14 at the waist but it’s definitely too big because the front middle is hanging down where it’s weighted by buttons and interfacing. This also causes the buttons below to gape. Since it buttons up all the way through down the front, a bit difficult to see in the farbic I chose, in theory it should be easy to make smaller. However, the button placket would need to come off and go on again a few centimetres over and I can’t face doing that. Instead I’ll move the top button and iron a bit of interfacing on the other side where button number two needs to go. The rest should be fine where they are.

I really like the inverted, half-stitched box pleats. I think the are really flattering on the waist and hips as they don’t add bulk. I chose not to make the belt as I didn’t want to add bulk around my narrowest part and therefore didn’t need to add the loops. Having said that, it might solve the issue of it being too large at the waist. I started and finished the project in three days from washing fabric to wearing, whizzing round the hem one morning before work!

Instructions: 9/10. As always with Sew Over It patterns they were very clear and well illustrated. It took me a couple of reads to understand the box pleats.

Time to sew: 3 1/2 hours from cut out.

What I’d do differently: I’d make a smaller size 14 at the hips – 12 at the waist. I’d also like to make one without the button up front.

IMG_3518Emmeline SkirtIMG_3543 2

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