How to make a beanbag lap tray

It seems ridiculous but we don’t have room for a dining table at home even though we live in a three-bed flat. So we eat on our knees, endangering our expensive brand-new velvet sofa every evening. For ages I’ve been looking for a beanbag lap tray but all the ones I’ve found have been hideous, and not even in a kitsch way. When I saw this tray in Ikea I thought perhaps I could make one and I’m pretty pleased with the result.


Step 1: Find a wooden tray with raised edges. I found this white and rubberwood one in Ikea for £4.50. It’s quite large (38 x 58cm) but that gives you room for a glass of water (or wine) and condiments.

Step 2: Find two pieces of hardwearing fabric. One that is about 5cm bigger than the tray base and another about 15cm bigger. I had just re-upholstered a chair so I recycled the fabric that came off that.


Step 3: Take the smaller piece of fabric and lay is on the tray base, it doesn’t really matter which way round because this wont be visible. Using a staple gun, secure the fabric all the way around, folding in the edges and stapling over them.



Step 5: Take the second piece of fabric and lay it with the right side of the fabric against the tray along one edge with the rest of the fabric laying away from the tray. When you fold it back over itself it will cover the tray.

Step 6: Staple around two more edges tucking all excess fabric inside and folding the corners neatly. I created a box pleat on the third corner because I seemed to have some excess fabric and I thought it would allow more volume for the beads to fill.

Step 7: Fill with poylstyrene beads. I bought a 1 cubic foot bag from these guys on Ebay and it was enough to make about 15 bean bag trays!

Step 7: Hand sew the last side together tucking in all the excess fabric for a neat finish.

And then use!


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