Sheona dress by AK Patterns

If you’re looking for a quick project with lots of variations to make it your own this is the one.

The Sheona dress is designed for knitted fabrics, consists of a front, a back, neckband and sleeves but if you go to the AK Patterns website there are 20 different hacks to make your version to your personal style.

I applied to be a pattern tester for Athina at AK Patterns and when she put the shout out for more testers to sharpen up a few of her patterns I put my hand up. The deadline was pretty soon and I knew I didn’t have a lot of time available so I went for the simplest pattern, Sheona.

If you don’t know AK Patterns, Athina Kakou is a blogger and sewer extraordinaire who branched out into her own patterns last year.  Athina names her patterns after people in the sewing community and the Sheona is no exception. It’s named after Sheona of Sewisfaction, a sewing shop and studio near Wokingham.

My Sheona

I made my Sheona out of some heavy weight jersey that I had in my stash. I’d bought it at the Knitting and Stitching Show intending to make another Linden sweatshirt but I don’t actually find I wear the first one I made very often, partly because the neckline is so wide (I’d definitely alter that if I made another) and partly because I’m not really a sweatshirt and jeans person. However, this one has already become a weekend favourite (#secretpyjamas).

I made a size 12 on the top and graded to a 16 on the bottom. The bottom half is supposed to have 1″ negative ease but my preference is to have a bit of room around my bottom. It’s my widest part and I don’t need that accentuating with horizontal stretch lines. I’d even add a little more on another version. There are no darts so for someone who can cut a single size this would be an absolute breeze.

I did have an issue with the arms. The pattern pair were far too tight around my bicep. I don’t think I’ve got fat arms? Luckily I had enough material left over to cut a second pair and now they are perfect. I added cuffs as I prefer that finish and I made the arms full length. I’m always cold so like to cover as much skin up as possible!

This is a simple and straightforward pattern which I’d highly recommend. I’m going to try it in a lighter weight jersey next to wear in Spring and Summer without tights.


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