My Favourite Interior Design Styles 2019

We’ve just had an offer accepted on a house (!!!!) and ours has sold (!!!!!!!) so I’m getting ahead of myself and thinking about decor.

I’ve researched interior design styles and thought I’d write a post about my favourite ones. There are many styles to choose from: Minimalist, Maximalist, Vintage or Shabby Chic, Traditional/ Farmhouse, Industrial, Coastal/Nautical, Mid-Century Modern, Eclectic, Scandinavian, Contemporary, Modern… The list goes on. A lot of the styles overlap or borrow from each other – you can get lost down an internet rabbit hole trying to map them all out – so I’ve just chosen the ones that make me excited and that I think could work in our new house.


The key principles are colour, clashing prints and more is more. It’s a look that is hard to get right as it can end up looking like a right royal mess if you don’t. The key is to find one thing that pulls it all together and  the easiest way to do this is to choose a rich or bright colour to pick out and repeat throughout the design in cushions, soft furnishings and ornaments.

What I particularly like about this style is that you can build it up over time keeping an eye out around the house for the right things that you already own as well as when you’re out and about. I love the busy wallpapers a lot of people use in this style of design but I shy away from the very dark schemes.

Divine Savages


Divine Savages Deco Martini ‘Blush’ wallpaper


A Small Brooklyn Townhouse with Exotic Details and Luscious Colors

Room designed by Miles Redd. Image courtesy of House Beautiful.


Colin Price Photography for Noz Design

Maxmialist/ Boho

An offshoot of Maximalist combines the principals with Boho sensibilities.  It’s less glam and more natural. Think lots of plants, macrame wall hangings and clashing prints in aztec or arabic designs.



Photo courtesy of Amara


The look that’s been the most popular over the last ten or so years. Hygge and Lagom have become words now regularly in use in the English language and many British homes have embraced the calm, cosy design esthetic. Calming neutrals, layers of pillows and blankets and lots of natural materials make up this look. The other side of the Scandi style is what I call the ‘Ikea vibe’ which pulls in some brighter colours. My old flat was inspired by this side of the Scandi look.

La Redoute

La Redoute Spring 2018

La Redoute Spring 2018


My old flat in south London: rug and lampshades: Habitat, sofas:, white ‘Besta’ furniture: Ikea

Mid-century modern

The interiors style of the moment and my husband’s prefered look. The movement started post WW1 in America taking influences from the German Bauhaus and American International styles. The key concepts are ‘form follows function’, open plan living and rounded shapes inspired by the natural world.  To me this design is all about the furniture: G-plan, String shelving, Eames chairs, lots of wood and clean lines.

Maisons du Monde


Maisons du Monde

Our current living room draws on a few mid-century modern cues:


We mounted the record unit on hairpin legs (behind the guitar sorry). The clock and 50s fireplace chime with the look.


This is really a mish-mash of a lot of other styles and probably covers where we are in our current living room best. The key concepts are to mix up different styles, inject personality and have fun with your space. However, like the Maximalist style there is a fine line between madness and a cohesive scheme so don’t throw everything at it. Accent colours or limited palettes can help as can choosing three styles to mix together.


Our living room mixes Mid-Century Modern style String shelving and La Redoute coffee table with its rounded shape and tapered legs with Vintage styles pieces – a second-hand mirror , plus velvet Loaf sofa and vintage style rug from 


Through researching this post I’ve discovered a lot about interior styles. I’m still confused about the differences between some of them – Contemporary vs Modern anyone? – and it’s clear that I’m drawn to the Boho/Vintage/Eclectic look with a side of Maximalism.

For more interior styles explanations try these blog posts: The Lux Pad, Adorable Home. And finally, click here for my living room Pinterest board (including guitars for Matthew).

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what styles you like for your home.


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