A Fast and Furious Hallway Refresh

My father-in-law offered to come and help us paint for a weekend a few weeks after we moved in. To say we bit his hand off makes us sound civilized. We planned on focusing on the bedrooms but realised that since we were sleeping in one and he was staying in the other we could only realistically do one of them. So he suggested we do the hall.


Since our plan is to knock down walls and slightly extend at the back downstairs it didn’t seem worth doing a final redecorate – I have my eye on some expensive wallpaper and don’t want it to get damaged with things going in and out of the house. So instead we cleaned and threw paint at the wall which is a relatively cheap and quick way of making a big difference to an interior.

I decorated my last two homes in a bright Scandi colour palette – white walls and strong colours – but felt it was time for a change. Inspired in part by the black walls in our new living room which I was intrigued by.

Having never been a fan of green I’d recently suddenly changed my mind and painted a wall sage in our old bedroom. Now I wanted to try a darker hue which I decided to use on the bottom half of the wall, under the dado rail, as well as on the bannister and wood work. My FIL surprised us by completing the white top half while we went out for the evening (yes we did feel bad!). It was an instant transformation, almost more than the green because it opened up the space and looked so clean!

At the same time we were redecorating the master bedroom in the same dark green and sage we’d used before. More on that in another post.

The carpet is staying for now and with a good vacuum doesn’t look or feel too bad.

Just recently I got round to painting the inside of the front door. We’d done all the prep but I ran out of energy. But since working from home I’ve been able to get some jobs done in my lunch hour or those times when I would usually be traveling to and from work. So one day I grabbed the two colour options I had in stock – pink and orange and tried them out. Pink was the winner and it obviously goes beautifully with the green.

As interim makeovers go I’m pretty happy with this. It should last us for a year or so, although some of my paint work is below my usual standard – it is already starting to chip off the bannisters but perhaps Valspar paint isn’t up to that particular job.


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