Introducing my Spoonflower fabric and wallpaper designs

I’m very happy  to introduce my new range of designs for fabric and wallpaper which are now available to purchase on Spoonflower. Spoonflower are a US company (with a factory in Germany for those of us in Europe) where you can buy any design in a range of fabric types and three different wallpapers. Here’s my shop.

A bit of background:

A couple of years ago I fell in love with the craft of marbling. After having a go on my own I did a workshop with Jemma Lewis, an amazing artist who marbles full time. Since then I’ve dabbled in the craft and when we moved house last year space for creating was top of the wish list.

Our new house has a garage which has been converted into a studio (the previous owner was a potter) – it’s also got a falling down conservatory, a grease engrained kitchen from the 1980s with actual holes in the wall and a horrible downstairs loo with a clear window allowing anyone in the garden to see in, so don’t be too jealous!  With the new space and extra time this year has granted I finally got back to the marbling tray.

This design became Butterfly Orange and, with some Photoshop trickery, Butterfly Pink.

As a hobby sewist and with a new house to renovate and decorate I loved the idea of using marbling for dressmaking, on furniture and walls and for soft furnishings. So I spent a day creating some designs (and many more in Photoshop creating the repeat pattern and tidying up the colours).

I’ve launched with six designs:

Amoeba Rose and Pink

Amoeba Pale Pink and Lilac

Osmosis Pink and Mustard

Osmosis Putty and Blue-Grey

Butterfly Orange

Butterfly Pink

One day I hope to be able to sell fabrics and wallpapers direct but for now you can buy all my designs from Spoonflower.

I hope you all like my designs. Let me know in the comments!


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