How to Make a Christmas Staircase Garland

After fifteen years of flat living I’m still excited to have a staircase in my home and last year I really wanted to decorate it for Christmas. You can spend a fortune on a ready made one or you can forage for real foliage but since I only have holly in the garden I decided to go the fake route. I know I’ll use this again and again for a long time.

What you need

I bought two fake items for the base of the garland:

B&Q fir tree garland for £8 – this is a pretty basic fir tree garland and although they are out of stock this year now I’m sure there are other similar ones around.

Famibay 2 Pack Artificial Eucalyptus Garland from Amazon, currently £15.59

And added an old gold garland that I’ve been putting on my tree for twenty years! It’s started to fray but once twisted into the green you don’t notice.


You can use anything really but here are some ideas:

Pine cones

Baubles and other tree decorations

Small dried oranges studded with cloves

Dried orange slices

Red berries

Fake flowers

Paper pompoms


Fairy lights

What I did

I twisted the eucalyptus around the fir garland and then wove the gold garland around them both.

I had a bag of fake flowers with their stems cut short from a previous project so I selected all the white, pink and bright red flowers and simply slotted them in once the garland was in place, along with a few fir cones.

To attach it to the bannister I used clear fishing wire, a staple item for many crafters, tied around the spindles and bannister where needed.

Beautiful but not complete without some lights. I had a curtain of fairy lights left over from our wedding so I (time consumingly) weaved each strand in and out of the garland and around the bannister spindles. There were a few left over or that didn’t reach so I just pinned them up to fall down the wall.

Total price: £23.59 plus recycled pieces from my decoration box and old craft projects.

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